Software Company EOOD (SC / BG)

Software Company Ltd is a Bulgarian firm that specializes in hardware and software development. Since 1996, the company has offered a wide range of high quality services in the development, delivery, and maintenance of hardware and software in worldwide.
The key market advantage of the companys is the ability to leverage a wealth of experience in this sector, a network of local and international partners, and a very competitive pricing strategy to deliver quality hardware and software solutions.
The company is also ISO 9001 :2015 certified and ISO 13485:2016 certified and has CE Mark certificate. The company has 2M euro sales for the 2019 year, 14 employees, and 11 part-time workers.

IT Consulting
SC has extensive international experience with IT consulting services and the application of leading-edge technologies to ensure customer success. We consult on optimization of business operations, and utilization of IT resources to deliver maximum benefit and cost savings for our clients.

Software development
Despite that the software market is flooded with a large variety of software packages and specific vertical solutions, companies often define the need for a custom software solution, different from the existing on the market. Software Company Ltd is there to design, develop, and implement customer-specific solutions that fit the required need. Our software developers are experienced and skilled in a variety of platforms and technologies.

The solutions built are recognizable with high quality, reliability, flexibility, and scalability to allow for easy enhancement and maintenance. When developing software solutions, the company adheres to its own quality management system, which is certified according to ISO 9001 :2015.
The quality management approach spans the whole development cycle – end to end, to ensure maximum effect for the interim and final project results and full compliance with the requirements and expectations of its clients.

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