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The Drones4GREEN consortium consists of competency matching, well-established, industrial and academic representations. The partners that were invited to participate in this project were carefully selected based on
a) Research and academic capacity in the area of ICT,
b) Industrial experience and innovation,
c) Drone technology experience.


Technical University of Sofia (TUS / BG)
The Technical University-Sofia (TUS) has experience in developing and implementing joint curricula with leading universities from Germany, Austria, and France. As an institution, it covers a variety of disciplines having a strong connection with ICT. TUS is established as leading technical institution in the region, feeding the market/industry with skilled workforce, covering the growing demands on highly trained ICT-related personnel.

Partner organisations:

K3Y Ltd (K3Y / BG)
K3Y Ltd (K3Y) is a creative SME focusing on Research, Development and Inspiration. K3Y designs, develops and implements customised solutions, products and frameworks for various domains, including telecommunications, security, privacy and software development. K3Y supports integrated security solutions for a variety of applications, e.g., industrial devices, communications protocols, IoT devices and gateways and automations.

Democritus University of Thrace (DUTH / GR)
Democritus University of Thrace (DUTH / GR) continues to aim both at educational and research excellence while, it also builds upon the challenges and demands of the future. It re-orients its research strategy based upon innovation, entrepreneurship, technology, the new digital era, the growth of large-scale research and the pursuit of financial resources from various agencies both in Greece and abroad. 

Metamind Innovations P.C. (MINDS / GR)
MINDS is a creative Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME) focusing on research, development and industrial projects. In particular, MINDS designs and implements customised solutions for various sectors, comprising energy, telecommunications, healthcare and agriculture.

Massive Dynamic Sweden AB (MDS / SE)
Massive Dynamic Sweden AB (MDS) is a creative SME that innovates in the immersive technologies and education while has an extensive experience of EU funded and national projects. In particular the research of MDS focuses on the following areas: the development of educational and e-learning software with special emphasis on scenario based learning, reusable learning objects implementation.

GEOSENSE has long experience and strong expertise on all aspects of drone technologies, including hardware/equipment, software, services, applications et al. It is actively involved in several research funded projects and operates as an officially licensed by C.A.A. (Civil Aviation Authority) Training Centre for UAS (multirotor & fixed wing) one of the first in Greece, under the distinctive title of GeoSense.

Software Company EOOD (SC / BG)
Software Company (SC) Ltd is a Bulgarian firm that specializes in software development. Since 1996, the company has offered a wide range of high-quality services in the development, delivery, and maintenance of software in Bulgaria. SC is very active in the ICT domain while it provides services of IT consulting.

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